We take great pride in helping our clients develop the mental and physical aspect of the game.  Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.


“A guy rented a gym last night. I watched approximately 15 kids pay him money. I watched in disbelief as so many kids standing around. The ones that were working were not learning or being pushed. They didn’t utilize the court space. Someone just taking the money and not putting in the work. My friend said why you letting that bother you so much? I said cause my kid goes to ball U. Those kids go to work!”

Anonymous Parent


“My son played for a high school that just won a state championship.  I’ve watched my son’s high school practices and I was able to watch Myron train my son at his camp. He put my son through workouts I’ve NEVER seen.  I’ve learned so much watching him train in so little time.”

Anonymous Parent


“You want to play overseas, get that man to train you, immediately!”

Cordero Bennett

Guard for Pinheiros Brasil NBB (FIBA)


“He is so nonchalant and laid back that it almost makes you mad when he demonstrates the workout or the drill. He makes it look too easy at times. It’s good to have a hands on trainer that just doesn’t tell you what to do, but explains why you are doing what you are doing and how it’s going to improve in your game.”

Terrell Frank

Personal Trainer


“Through his training I learned the fundamentals of explosion, he taught me balance in ball handling and direction, I learned how to coincide my instinct with decision making, and most importantly I learned how to focus and mentally strengthen myself from start to finish. To this day those qualities have a big impact on my game. Myron gave me the mentality of a pro before I knew what pro was…I thank him very much because he brought the journey back into my life when I felt it was over..and it was only beginning..”

B.J. Moore

Point Guard at Midwest Basketball League


“Training with Myron was a different approach for me as a person and a player. He ask you questions and he also hands on with his training. His methods are not like other trainers. He helps develop the natural gifts you have and add more tools to your game. We also do conditioning while we train because all of the moves are game speed. Not enough words to describe the mind set of Myron training methods. And he teaches the game at angles and speeds. I have been to the playoffs for every team I have been. I owe Myron some credit to my early success.”
Horace Bond
4 Year Pro-MNBA Champion, Defense POY, All Star Team , Top 5 Rebounder
“Ball U made my son realize what intense work ethic is all about and made him love the game even more. I will promote them every chance I get.”
Dale Lake