Ball U Breakdown

The objective of the game of basketball is to score more points than your opponent. Therefore, our teachings are based around that objective. We teach our students to be as efficient as possible on the offensive end and as disruptive as possible on the defensive end.


The less effort it takes for players to score, the more energy they have to make it difficult for the opponent on the defensive end. Granted, there isn’t a right or wrong way to play the game of basketball because different ideologies have been proven to be successful. However, we teach our students how to play to the point where the game becomes instinctive and effortless.¬† This way, our students will be able to have an impact on the outcome¬†regardless of the ideology of the coach or the team.

The video below gives you an example. This drill required the students to play 2 on 2 full court with a 15 second shot clock. Most of the students’ ages ranged from 8-14. The NBA shot clock is 24 seconds. So, even at a young age, we are emphasizing the importance of attacking with a purpose and thinking fast.

As you can see, we attempt to make our sessions harder than the actual game so that when it’s game time, our students only have to focus on completing the task, which is scoring more points than their opponent. Click here to schedule your training session today!

*Ball U Academy is an extra curricular activity that provides information and exercises that can contribute to the well being of our students. Even though we are knowledgeable in developing the skills and endurance needed to compete at a high level, we are NOT personal trainers. The majority of our Ball U Academy instructors are licensed by USA Basketball Youth and Development.  Our goal is to provide a quality experience for our youth.*